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Best test preparation plan ever!
Samuel J, France (1/5/2017)
I was recommended your website by a colleague and let me tell you the way you guyz have organized the test preparation plan is unique and clear. I had no problem following it and I felt so confident. The test were designed for the chapters from the study guide and each questions was traced back to its location in Study Guide. I have to say you have put a lot of effort on this site. I passed just this past January and I have my oath scheduled this month. I thank my stars that I found your site.

Have a lovely Christmas!
Cindy R (12/15/2015)
Thanks so much for the reply! And.....thanks so much for the great study help!! Wow! I passed my test....made 100%!!!! Have a lovely Christmas!

Huamn Factor
YourNewloyaluser (6/1/2015)
Thank you Thanks you thank you. You cleared my confusion on "the Bay" question. Thank you. Most of the websites out there do not give a damn and it is like an automatic system. It is frustrating some times. With your website, i felt there was someone human helping me out. that was comforting. Will be forwarding your website to others for sure.

What helped me more!
Nervous (5/12/2015)
I must say that your FAQ really helped me in putting my mind at ease. Also your blog is awsome. I asked a question and was given an answer in a very short time. That was prompt.

Tricky test
Sammy (4/9/2015)
It was a tricky test. My nerves just get shot so easily. Once i had my nerves settled, it was smooth. Not easy but at least I knew what was expected through doing your tests. Phew! now waiting lets see what happens. I am still freaking out.

Short notice
A.B, Halifax (3/28/2015)
Oh I had to write the exam on short notice. I was given 3 weeks to do the study etc. Although I had been reading the book off and on but doing the tests online really helped settle my nerves. I have finally got the oath date. I still can't believe, I will be a citizen now. O Canada!

Test was very easy-
BikeCraze (12/21/2014)
Test was very easy-- I didn't have any dates at all and one question with the names I had was about first prime minister of Canada. What can be simpler? The level of difficulty of question is on the same level as on your website. Thank you so much!!

Phew ! Finally
Saima Taimour (1/8/2014)
Thanks to your test, I have finally overcome my fear of this big thing called Canadian Citizenship Test. I am going for it the first thing in new Year. Finger crossed.

Humbly Thank You Sir
Maria Chu (1/1/2014)
Hello Sir, I don't have words to say thank you. Your site made it so easy to quickly go through the whole book. The Tests are written in a way that are easy to understand. Overall I give you 9 out of 10. I feel that you can provide more tests. Would be great to practice some more. Maria

Happy New Year to you !!
Sam T. (1/1/2014)
My God it was a Happy New Year !! I got my test passed and it was all thanks to you. A gift for the new year. It was my second try and my Brother in law recomended this site. I wasn't disappointed.

Got my Call!
Van Ali (12/20/2013)
Thank you for your nicely put tests. I got call for my oath just before Christmas. I can't contain my happiness. Thank you Thank you Thank you .........ummmmaah

Keep doing that!
Eliza Gordon (11/1/2013)
There are so many questions that I didn't knew the answer to but once i went through all the questionare, I was very confident. I did it and it wasn't possible without your many tests. Please keep doing that!

Birthday Gift
McLawson John (9/11/2013)
I got it and thanks to you too ! It was the perfect news on my Birthday!

I am canadian now! Thanks
Xiaolei Li (7/2/2013)
very excited...very good site...will recommend to all new canadian to practice question...all questions were from this site....

Thank you!!
Gaurav Sethi (7/1/2013)
I want to convey my thanks to you and the team at toptipsclub site. Great site....

Daniela (6/21/2013)
dziekuje, Thank you. Your site was very helpful and good learning....

Bardzo Dobrze
Alina ALEKSANDER, Calgary, AB (1/2/2013)
bardzo dobrze, bardzo dobrze, bardzo dobrze,

Wow-What a great site!!
Rana Naveed,Mississuaga, ON (1/1/2013)
I used this site for preperation and all questions were from this site....thanks for helping preperation and saving my time ...

Nice !!
Jeremy Lee, Richmond, BC (1/1/2013)
Fantastic preperation system....thx.

Great Work...
Harvy Brooker, Surrey, BC (3/12/2012)
I thank you very much for developing one of the best software ever! I passed Citizenship examination with your questions, answers and explanations. Thank you for providing this wonderful website.

Cool, I am imressed!!
David D'Angelo (7/10/2011)
Your tests are amazing, all questions were from your test. Grazie tanto!!Grazie tanto!!Grazie tanto!!

May God bless you...
Caroline Wozniacki, Edmonton (1/13/2011)
There is no doubt your test are excellent. May God bless you all and Prosper YOU ALL!

Thanks for making this happen.
Ai-ting Lee, Richmond (1/5/2011)
I passed my test today. It was looking so hard and difficult to pass but after taking your tests, I am DID IT. Thanks for making this happen for me.

What a wonderful job.
LPC Silva, Surrey (12/20/2010)
I liked the quiz. It was short and to the point. It wasn't full of unnecessary information and it provided very usefull info.

I just wanted to take a moment and tell.....
Alan Li (12/12/2010)
I just wanted to take a moment and tell you how THRILLED I am with your tests and getting citizenship.

It brought tears to my eyes. It was Wonderful!
Judith Teofilo, Vancourver, BC (11/23/2010)
Keep up the good work! thanks.thanks.thanks.thanks. thanks.thanks.thanks.thanks. thanks.thanks.......

It is good to know that free quality service is still available.
J. Leveille (10/13/2010)
I wanted to let you know that this is the first time I have used this site. I had a very small window of time to prepare citizenship test. Your tests were able to provide what I was looking for.... This was outstanding !!! So I wanted to take out the time to let you know your doing a great job. I will definitely recommend this site to my family and friends and have already ask my wife to try this. It is good to know that FREE Quality service is still available.

What a site..
D. Bouhuyzen (9/24/2010)

I just wanted to say Thank You.
Mohammad Amjad (9/19/2010)

OMG - Unbelieveable !!
Enzo Bellisimo (8/29/2010)

It's awesome. Thank you!
Sandeep Lala, Mississauga (8/20/2010)

GRAN TRABAJO - Great Job! I wish I found your site for practice first.
Andrey Arshavin, Ajex (7/7/2010)
GRAN TRABAJO - Great Job! Keep up the good work! I wish I found your site for practice first and same my time and efforts. THANKS.

I passed, thank you!
Mina S. Fiorilli, Kitchner (7/1/2010)

Wei Zang (7/1/2010)

great! great! great!
Sarah Cooke, Edmonton (6/14/2010)

You did a great job by offering these free!!
Rowena Chan, Toronto (6/10/2010)

I love it very Much!
Michelle Faubert (2/7/2010)

I have to tell you, I am very pleased
Dany Piekarshi (12/22/2009)

We are that thrilled with the results!
Peter Chung (12/7/2009)


Free Driving Test Preparation

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Not difficult at all
Reluctant (2/2/2015)
It wasn't a difficult test. Very easy but your website test helped me in breaking the ice. I was able to overcome the fear and it gave me confidence that I can write the test.

Tammy (1/5/2014)
Thank you for all the effort that you have put in bringing these test online. Gives you an idea of where you would stand when you go to do the actual written test. I passed after using your site. Thanks

Farah Jee (12/13/2013)
I have used your site for doing my prep for G1 test. It is great test but it is lacking more visual questions. Please add some more.

Good site
Jiayuan Liu (7/2/2013)
Passed in first attempt after practicing your questions... thank you...

Thanks - Got G1 today.....
Suki Singh (6/19/2013)
Came from India last month, read this site questions 2-3 times and passed test....yahoooo. Love Canada and Love toptipsclub site...

Nice Job
Jamie Demalo, PerrySound (2/24/2013)
A lot of effort put in by you guys ..... I can't read books.... more of a visual sort. Loved doing all the prep stuff on your website. Keep it up!!

shukran jee
M. Ali, Barrie (1/12/2013)
Got your website from my brother-in-law and I really like the format of your tests. Please add some more tests.

A Relief!!
Tilaka De, Kamloops (1/11/2013)
I finally passed. Thanks to your website and your tests, I knew how the test would look like and feel like. I even timed myself. I would def recommend you and I know i will come back for my citizenship test prep too!

spa-see-ba - Thank-You Thank-You
Zoltan S. Spakovszky (1/3/2013)
Arrived Canada from Russia and passed g1 in first attempt in a week.... great site...

Passed this time!!
Neeley Takhar (1/2/2013)
After failing 2 times, I prepared questions from you site and passed this time. THANKS YOU!!.

Awesome !!
Mariden Dela Cruz (11/21/2012)
This site is awesome, I passed my G1 without reading the handbook. Thank you!

Got G1 :-)
Nataliya M., Waterloo (3/20/2012)
You guys are gods! I have been recommending your website as the best option to all of my friends coming to Canada. It's 100% high quality. Keep it up guys...

Bohoma Sthu-thee-yi (thanks u very much)
Tilakratne Chandimal (7/14/2011)
I landed from Sri Lanka last month and today I passed G1 written test. I practiced and followed your instructions and was successful. Thanks you for this. I am so much excited.

Kanwal Arif, Oakville (1/20/2011)
Your tests are excellent, your site is one of the best, no charges, what more can I ask for. I actually recommended your tests to my friends. Thanks.

Thanks - Very happy
Sukhmani, Brampton (1/18/2011)
Thanks to Jasneet who recommended me toptipsclub.com and your tests are the best! Easy to read, simple and friendly. Now I can move on for road test! You're the best! Keep it up!

SUE, Scarborough, ON, Canada (12/20/2010)
Just wanted to THANK YOU for this site. It is a great help. AND I PASSED MY G1 WITH FLYING COLOURS! You guys are simply GREAT. I did not even have to read the road rules book, although I bought one. Thanks a lot.

I passed without any mistakes!!
Leona Chalmers (12/7/2010)
The first time I took the test, I only got seven mistakes... the second time I took the test, it got much worse. But then, I thought I'll google G1 practice test... so I clicked on this website and I gotta say, it was very useful... I went on a couple more websites that r handy, but it's not as handy as this one. I practiced everyday on this site until I'm ready to do the test and I passed without getting anymistakes on the test and it only took less than ten minutes! :) I wanna thank u very much for helping me pass this test. I've find this website very helpful and it's one of the best ones! :)

My husband actually got tears in his eyes when he passed test.
Amanpreet, Brampton (12/2/2010)

It's absolutely magnificent!
R. D. Singh, Brampton (11/23/2010)
Your questions and answers are great! I passed without reading book!

I could not believe how true to the your practice tests were.
Preet Rani, Brampton (11/9/2010)
I am writing to let you know that I am very pleased that I practiced with your site's tests and passed easily. I could not believe how true to the photograph your drawing was. It is something that I will remember forever as I have failed twice in written test. Thank you very much! Very truly yours.

Tests were great, absolutely stunning.
Min Chen, Richmond Hills (10/10/2010)
This test makes life easer. Thanks, Thanks, Thanks, Thanks !!

I never expected such an easy drive....
Isabella, Mississuaga (10/1/2010)
Your G1 free tests are very helpful. Rather it was much better than one I downloaded after paying from site.

Your free tests are magnificent!
Ali Nadeem Syed (9/17/2010)
I found G1 Practice Tests very helpful and educational.... ......best online practice test I found so far.

Amazing! Incredible!
Anoop Chandar (9/11/2010)
Initially, I was nervous after reading G1 test book. I was not driver in my backhome. After practicing these test 2 times, I didn't have a sign of nerves. I passed my driving test!!

Thank you for an amazing piece of work!
Shimon Koch, Burlington (9/11/2010)
I failed my written driving test twice. A friend recommended me this site....it worked for me. I'd recommend this to anyone nervous about their G1 driving test....I would like to thank you very much from the bottom of my heart!

Thanks a lot !!
Marco, Toronto (8/18/2010)

I commend your group for a job well done.
Sami Alzari, Markham (8/18/2010)

It's truly amazing what you guys can do!
D. Vittorio, Toronto (7/22/2010)

You made the whole process easy.
Rabnawaz Aslam, Mississuaga (6/28/2010)

Wow! They are good!
Ali Samrout, London (1/13/2010)

Thanks again and keep up the good work!
Shakdar, Malton (12/20/2009)