Guide to Citizenship test

We will not beat around the bushes here.

You may have seen some practice questions on other website. They provide some sample tests and then for more they charge money. However, we are the only website that give you all the information and tests with questions prepared from real citizenship test FREE of cost.

Why ? Because we have been there and know it is stressful as it is and Canadian values are share and help each other.

The Canadian goverment started a new format of the citizenship test on March 15, 2010. Our practice questions have been modified accordingly to reflect the new changes.

Also check out What’s new in Citizenship Test.

We have simplified the steps that you can follow to prepare for the test.

Step 1:

Please read through these tips

Step 2: 

A: Update your knowledge about Provinces and Territories.

B: Go through some Sample Question Answers (4 tests – each containing 40 questions) that covers major portion of “Discover Canada” book.

Step 3:

Go through a real simulated test to see if you fail or pass. You can take it as many time as you want as the questions are generated randomly from a database of 100’s of sample questions. So you get a new test every time.

Good Luck!