Today we are sitting at -4 C in Toronto, Ontario. With strong windchill, it feels like -11 C. For new immigrants especially those who are coming from warmer side of the globe, this is a icy shock. It gets worse though, temperature can to -30 C at times. Then there are wind chills and ice storms. So you need to really prepare for Canadian Winter. We are really at North Pole 🙂
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Globe and Mail wrote a piece on new immigrants who are facing winter for the first time. It was fascinating looking at this weather from fresh perspective. Here are some of the comments.

“I thought it would be as cold as a refrigerator, It’s colder.”

“You need to wear glasses, because your eyes can freeze.”

“I am quickly learning, some of the coldest days in Canada come when the sun is out.”

Check with your community centers, there are sometimes Cold-Weather classes offered to prepare new comers to the winter weather.

Pauline Perrotte takes one of those classes in Montreal and she has this message for her pupils.

“Winter doesn’t have to be boring. Do outdoor activities like skating, sledding and cross-country skiing; go to winter events like the Santa Claus parade and Quebec Winter Carnival.”

Preparing for winter is part practical. It’s also, fundamentally, about learning to become a Canadian.


There are many Winter activities happening around different parts of Canada.

Click here to see different how different parts of Canada Engage in winter festivals ranging from skiing to ice sculptures. 

“People hear about blizzards and ice storms, and they start worrying about their families and children,” Ms. Perrotte said. “We try to reassure them, tell them winter is a magnificent season and that adjusting to it is part of their integration.”

“Always check the weather before heading out for the day,” she tells her class. Take the wind chill into account. Always have a hat, scarf and gloves. A picture of a pair of mittens connected by a string pops up on the screen. This will save your children from losing mittens.

Make sure you invest in a good quality snow jackets, boots, hats and mitts. It will pay it off. Another TIP. For kids, always buy an extra pair of mitts and hat as they might loose them and you will not find them once the season starts.

Dressing up is harder when you have to load up on winter accessories but it doesnt have to be. You can still be cool and cold 😀

Here i found a very interesting video that tells you different cool ways of putting scarves. Some are my favorite. I am going to try each one of them this season. Winter is just starting and fun is just beginning. I heard there will be more snow tomorrow.

So here is the video.


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