Passing the test: Mandatory section in Canadian Citizenship Test

Mandatory section in Canadian Citizenship Test

Q – > I have heard there is a Mandatory Section in Canadian Citizenship Test

Section 18 of the Citizenship Regulations now specifies that applicants are required to have sufficient knowledge of a broad range of topics, the inclusion of mandatory questions in the citizenship test is no longer in effect since October 14, 2010″.Read Here (CIC official Link)

The test now include questions to test the knowledge of the applicant in following area. The only requirement is to get 15 questions correct out of 20 Questions. That is 75% score.

Here are the sections.

  • Rights and responsibilities of a Canadian citizen – (e.g. “Name three legal rights protected by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.”)
  • Canadian history – (e.g. “Who were the United Empire Loyalists?”)
  • Canadian political systems – (e.g. “How are members of Parliament chosen?”)
  • Canadian physical and political geography – (e.g. “Where are the Parliament buildings located?”)
  • Questions specific to applicants province – (e.g. “Who is the premier of your province or territory?”)

We have explained the format and process of the test in more detail here 

Also note there is no Negative Marking in the test. The test is fairly simple. If you have gone through our Practice Test(s) from Discover Canada book, Updated your knowledge about Provinces/Territories and tested you knowledge through our Simulated Test (Timed and scored) multiple times, you have nothing to worry about.

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