I have been approached by many people in past few days about this question “What do you call representative of the Queen in the Provinces/Federal/Territories ” ? They are three separate questions with three separate answersDo not mix them up. Here I am going to explain the structure of Monarchy in simplest way for everyone so when it comes in your test, you are more confident. Cheers!

One important thing to note is that Province and Territories are not the same thing.

They have different governing structures. Having said that. Here is an explanation. (Also do not forgot to scroll to bottom to see the reference in the Discover Canada Book). You can download the Book here

Representative Of The Queen At Federal Level

(Monarch/Sovereign/Queen) is represented in Canada on both Federal and Provincial Level.

On Federal Level, Monarch is represented by Governor General who is appointed by Queen.

Currently representative of Queen at Federal level is David Johnston. (At the time of this post)

Representative Of The Queen At Provincial Level

On Provincial level, lieutenant governor represent monarch who are appointed by Governor General on advice from Prime minister.

Here is a list of current lieutenant Governors for the 10 Provinces. Note that Territories are not included. They have a different governing structure.

(Source: Wiki)

Representative Of The Queen At Territories Level

So Commissioners are the formal head of the territories in Canada (those areas under the formal jurisdiction of the federal Crown-in-Council and without separate constitutional status of a province). Unlike the governor general or a lieutenant governor, commissioners are not vice regal representatives of the Canadian monarch; rather, they are delegates of the federal Crown-in-Council and, under federal statutes governing the territories, act in accordance with written instructions from Cabinet or the minister responsible. But they can be named as representative of Monarch by hierarchy of command. There are no other person in Territories representing Queen otherwise. This is what has cause a confusion.

So make it simple, if question ask you who represent Queen in territories, answer “Commissioner” as he is the only person indirectly in command chain linked to monarch.

There are three territories in Canada and here are the commissioners.
Northwest Territories — The Honorable George Tuccaro
Nunavut — The Honorable Nellie Kusugak
Yukon — The Honorable Doug Phillips

Reference in Discover Canada Book.

“Queen’s representation on Federal and Provincial levels is discussed on Page 29 under “Constitutional monarchy” (Left Column, Last Paragraph) and in right Column last paragraph for Territorial representation. Please Note how it is different for Provinces and Territories.”

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  1. Nice post. I want to point out a correction as stated in the book discover canada. “Governor General, who is appointed by the Sovereign on the advice of the Prime Minister”
    Thanks for all the great work.

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