So in a turnkey historical race, Justin Trudeau beats Stephen Harper.

In last election held in 2011, Liberal had lost miserably. They were not even able to win enough seats to make official opposition. NDP beat them to it. One wonders if influence of Jack Layton and leadership of Liberal played a role in it. It seemed like people wanted a change but were not united on their choice of Change. This was obviously all good for Conservative and they benefited from it.

This year however under Justin’s leadership Liberal won 39.5% of the seats which comes to 184 seats. That is the change of 42.7% change from the last elections. That is a big win for Liberal and Huge defeat for Conservative. People seemed more aware and certain. Although Political mongers were still chanting the mantra `Justin is just not ready but it seems Canadians were really fed up with Canada`s outlook that was shaping up.

One thing was certain Canadians were in huge disagreement with Stephen’s governance and his decisions he took as the leader of Canada.

During last few weeks, I was very closely watching each of party and their leader’s body language. Here is my biased take on it.

Conservative/Stephen Harper:

They seemed very relaxed and very sure of the election campaign. Either they were very confidently counting on the same confusion that gave them ‘win’ last election or they were sure they will be losing no matter what. Mr. Harper is a very strong personality. I applaud him the strength and confidence he showed in his last speech. He was proud of his leadership and strongly believed in his action but Canada has spoken Mr. Stephen Harper!!!

Here is his speech.

Speech is about 7 minutes. Skip to 1:55 that is when the speech starts. He said: “The disappointment is ……… my responsibility!” Well said Mr. Harper. It was indeed.

Here is list that was created by CBC Stephen Harper Good, bad and worse

Liberal/Justin Trudeau

Liberals were very approachable and accessible during the campaign. I felt their presence in the community. They addressed the issues and were answering the questions. Some were very pointed questions especially in Ontario which has Liberal government already and there have been issued here that saw a lot of communities raise up their hands (a lot). Justin’s body language was very friendly and relaxed. He stands out as a “diplomatic politician” who knows the issues that are sore points with communities of different culture. He recognizes that Canada is made of different faiths and runs on tolerance. That is what makes us ‘us’. While I disagree with some of “Liberal vision”, I believe he will be aiming to keep everyone happy. I am counting on it Mr. Trudeau!

The new Prime Minister is a hope for Canadians and Immigrants alike. I would like to say directly to Mr. Justin

“A lot is riding on your shoulders. You have your supporters and you will have some critics among them too. “

I hope he can rid us of the cloud of fear and uncertainty that stops the neighbour from approaching neighbours. We used to be friendly and tolerant beings but we are confused now. Living for middle class was possible without cutting corners but now even the corners are round. There has been a wedge between classes now whereas there were no classes before.

Here is simple but very inclusive victory speech by Justin Trudeau.

One thing that stood out was; he said. “Have faith in your fellow Canadians. A Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian!”

NDP/ Tom Mulcair

NDP had been very vocal in speeches and in the Parliament. Raising their voices against many decisions Conservatives took. They have a very impressive and inclusive action plan as a party but their campaign was disappointing to say the least. I kept looking (I wanted to!) for a reason to confidently say that they have leadership and effectiveness to bring my issues to the platform and that they can lead the country but disappointingly they are not ready yet! I didn’t get that vibe from Tom. He seems to be talking too much about too many things although he seems to have good intentions but the actions were not supporting the words. I looked at NDP presence during last one year and find next to none. He was vocal on many pressing issues but there was still something lacking. I didn’t feel engaged enough. I didn’t feel the drive from him.

In Tom’s speech he was calm and upfront. He had a mature response and I hope to God he realizes that he has a long road ahead for his party.

His Speech:

During the election campaign, I didn’t see NDP locally. Although the funding was sighted as reason for that by many supporters but I don’t see how that stops a candidate to be vocal and driven in the community. Yes less orange boards …. Less lunches and dinners and parties but so many other ways to show the community that we matter.

I had the opportunity to live in two ridings during this campaign and I didn’t see an NDP presence regrettably. I was approached by liberal candidates in both ridings. Ms Iqra Khalid and Mr. Gagan Sikand both approached me and my family and Mr. Gagan Sikand even came to my house to discuss some of the doubts we had. (I had major ones with Liberal needless to say!) Now If we matter enough that a candidate came to our house to discuss the issues that we have with their party then I can confidently say that I can trust him to take my issues to the party platform too! I will be counting on it!

Congratulations Liberal

Congratualions Justin Trudeau

Congratulations Gagan Sikand

Congratulation Iqra Khalid

A lot are on your shoulders. Canadians are looking at you. You have got this responsibility at a time where a lot is at stake. Canada’s International image, our shaky economy (Alberta), National cohesion, Rights, Justice and a lot more. You my friends have a long difficult road and We will be your biggest critics.

Here is full coverage of Election 2015 by Globe and Mail.

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7 thoughts on “Justin Trudeau beats Stephen Harper, My biased view”
  1. Congratulations Mr. Justin.
    You have a difficult task. Clean up the mess that Stephen has made in Alberta pls.
    Give us our Canada back.

  2. He is the one person who gave a S*** about people in the northern areas. At least he acknowledges us while Mr. Harper was sitting in his comfortable home or house or plane or whatever. He doesn’t care about us. All he care about is that Niqab s***. Even that is a stunt.

  3. It is very sad! Canadian will soon realize Liberal for what they are ! They don’t care about Environment. They don’t care about aboriginals and all those women who have disappeared. All those people who have voted for them are bigot. Tom was real deal. You would realize it soon.

  4. Liberals are just Conservative dressed in red! Wake up people. This is so sad! Look at all the scandals that liberals have cooked. Look at Ontario.

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