Choose your Immigration application representative carefully. You are planning to Come to Canada and looking at some individual or company to represent you. Make sure you do your home work and choose wisely. Do not be victimized. One wrong decision can disqualify you and leave you hanging.

What is a representative

Representative is someone who give immigration or citizenship advice and help to applicants (or would be applicants), usually for a fee. They can be lawyers, CIC representative or others.

Does hiring a representative speeds up my application
No, it doesn’t. Hiring one for a fee or without doesn’t guarantee any thing. If some one promises otherwise, that is a red flag.

Can I represent my self
Yes you can. You can find all the guide and forms that you need on CIC official link here.

Use a representative
If you do choose to use a representative, find out about the two types : paid and unpaid.

CIC official video (Choose your representative wisely)

If you have a complaint about a representative you used or know, report through CIC official link here.

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  1. I like Canada as a country,i am an ac technician,wife is hair stylist,have a 3month old daughter,i wish to secure jobs for us and residence before moving,what can I do

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