Canadians head to the polls on Monday 19 October 2015. Are you a relatively new Canadian ? Do Canadian Politics confuse you? Find out more about Canada election 2015: Canadian parties, polls and electoral system in Canada.

Did you know all of the different political parties in Canada. Here is a list (Source: Election Canada)

  1. Canadian Action Party (Action)
  2. Bloc Québécois (B.Q.)
  3. Canadian Reform Conservative Alliance (C.A.)
  4. Communist Party of Canada (Comm.)
  5. The Green Party of Canada (G.P.)
  6. Liberal Party of Canada (Liberal)
  7. Marijuana Party (M.P.)
  8. New Democratic Party (N.D.P.)
  9. Progressive Conservative Party of Canada (P.C.)

This 2015 electoral campaign will be longest election campaign since 1872 and if Stephen Harper is elected he will be first prime minister since 1908 to win four consecutive elections. His last election was 2011 and he is been PM since 2006.

The current Prime minister of Canada, Stephen Harper is head of Conservative Party. Find out about the current federal government (like when was last election, who is opposition etc).

Click here to find about provincial government.

There is a very thorough article by UK Newspaper “The Gaurdian” that explains the Canadian Electoral systems very nicely. Click here to read it.

Here is a lighter look at Canadian Politics. Rick Mercer explains Canadian politics in his own special way. In these 6 minutes you might learn more than you learn by reading 6 minute. Enjoy ….. I did!

Everything you wanted to know about Canada but were afraid to ask.

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