Good news for Candidates looking at Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program. Just a day after announcing Express Entry for Skilled Immigrant Saskatchewan has announced an online system for the convenience of the candidates looking to apply.

This Category is targeting individuals from different part of the world who have post-secondary education and training in professions that are in demand in Saskatchewan.

The Saskatchewan Express Entry Category will add 775 additional immigrant nominees to the SINP. This will bring the total number of SINP nominations up to 5,500 for 2015. Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has committed to processing these applications within six months or less, which makes the new category an attractive option for potential immigrants. – See more.

According to Saskatchewan Minister of Immigration, Jobs, Skills and Training, Jeremy Harrison.

“What this is going to allow is 775 new positions for Saskatchewan, which means that individuals seeking to move to Saskatchewan — primarily high-skilled individuals with significant work experience, high language skills, well-educated — are going to be able to move more expeditiously through the system.”

Click here if you want to find out more about Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program.

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