First Express Entry Applicants Get Permanent Resident Status Within Three Months.
It is been three months since “Express Entry” has been launched and every month we see invitation draws. Last week before the 7th Draw (the latest in the series of draws), CIC has announced that Canada has already welcomed first few of successful applicants for Canadian immigration through the Express Entry immigration selection system.

A Press Release was issued that among the first group who received Canadian permanent residence were an Irish Citizen and two Chinese International students. The two Chinese Students were already working here in Ontario in skilled positions.

“I’m very pleased to welcome some of our very first Canadian permanent residents under Express Entry—Emma, Anita and Frank—and the many more to follow in their footsteps. As they build their life permanently in Canada, their skills and experience will bring them much success and also help to contribute to the Canadian economy.”

Chris Alexander, Canada’s Citizenship and Immigration Minister welcomed the three applicants.

To date, total “6,851” Express Entry candidates have received an invitation to apply for permanent residence. Since the launch of the program, CIC has been repeating its guarantee that the applications that enter in express Entry will be processed in Six months or less.

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