Americans Fail At Basic Questions About Canada. See how our friendly American neighbors fair on basic Canadian Knowledge.

Buzzfeed recently did an interview with couple of Americans asking question about very basic things like Current prime minister, Capital of Canada etc. You will be amazed at their response. Here are some of the answers.

President of Canada or is it Prime minister

– Must be a Stern lady
– He is definitely bald (Stephen Harper ….. well one thing he is not and that is BALD)
– Potine. (WOW!)
– Never heard of him (o.O) ….. OKaaayyyyy

Population of Canada

– I have seen may be 30 people. (!!!!)

Famous Canadian Celebrity

– Ryan Gosling (We have plenty more people! Infact check out our post about 19 Canadian Inventors)

Now all you canucks, don’t get cocky. If you think you know better, I challenge you to take this Citizenship test and see how you score!!

Before you do however, lets have some fun and see these responses 🙂


Is Canadian a Language ???


Americans Answer Questions About Canada by buzzfeedvideo

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