The Commonwealth Freedom of Movement Organization wants to see free movement policies between Canada, the U.K., Australia and New Zealand. (Commonwealth Freedom of Movement Organization).
Commonwealth Freedom of Movement Organization have launched a petition in early March and according to their website, one week after its launch it has already collected 24,500 signatures. The link to the petition is given at the end of this article.

James Skinner is the founder of the Organization and he appeared on “The Early Edition” (CBC) promoting his petition and its cause.

“We are virtually the same people,” James Skinner who is the founder of Organization, told The Early Edition’s (CBC) Rick Cluff, referring to countries within the Commonwealth.

“The only thing that divides us is the cover of our passports.”

He mentioned in his interview that Nationals from the European Union can work and live for as long as they want in any of the member country. There are 28. Australia and New Zealand have the same agreement as well.

“We’ve had that Commonwealth tie for generations and decades in the past, we’ve stuck together through thick and thin, [we] share the same head of state, the same native language, the same respect for the common law,” he said.

“It’s not something completely out there that we’re proposing.”

Skinner says he plans to send the petition to politicians in New Zealand and Australia, and then to the Canadian and British governments, pending elections in each respective country.

The Commonwealth Freedom of Movement Organization’s petition

Listen to James Skinner talking about his movement and his petition

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