Bribery allegations cost Brother-in-law of Tunisia’s ex-president Canadian refugee status. Here is the picture of him.

This is a great example of how serious Canadian government is when they say

“Canadian Citizenship is privilege not a right” about that

The Immigration and Refugee Board said it rejected Belhassen Trabelsi’s application after looking at very pressing evidence. The evidence obtained by RCMP contained hand written notes and large sums of money wired to one of his Montreal based businessman friends.

“The panel is of the opinion that there are serious reasons for considering that the claimant, Belhassen Trabelsi, committed serious non-political crimes,” the IRB said in a 35-page decision that was actually done on Jan 30th. The board said it believed Mr. Trabelsi had committed fraud and laundering of Money Crime. It was made public just this Monday.

Previously, Mr Trabelsi’s Permenant Residency was revoked as he didin’t spend enough time here but then he had applied for refugee status. He claims his life is in danger if sent back to his homeland and he still stands by his claim after this ruling.

If you want more details about this story, you can click here to read the coverage done in Globe and Mail.

(Images Source: GlobeandMail)

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