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This is a picture I found a while ago.A funny but accurate representation of the Land, weather and people in each and every province and territory. This is my casual take on it. How accurate do you think this infographic is?

Weather and Land detail is spot on :). People’s a bit wavy.

Yukon is the coldest. Surprised ? Of course, it is the coldest province. North Pole is in Yukon after all! Nunavut and Northwest Territories both are in the same belt and are really really really cold.

British Columbia has beautiful weather and it is the second preferred province after Ontario. So the infographic is right again.

Alberta = Oil. It is is known as Canada’s “energy province”. Enough said!

Saskatchewan is mostly farm land.

Manitoba …. hahaha well that is really funny and although my experience is a bit different when I visited but then it is just me.

Ontario is the hub of everything Canada. First preference of any immigrant, More career and business opportunity. Culturally diverse and more tolerant. Can’t agree enough about hockey teams though :(. Also people take that sport very seriously and also that is where I live.

Quebec is the center of French Population. Very beautiful and friendly people. People who know how to enjoy life. Do you know the shops close around 6:00 PM over there? I didn’t It was a shock for me when I visited Quebec from Ontario where some shops are open even later than 9:00. Their preference is life, entertainment and then work. They do have their own set of values and expectations and rest of the country seems to fall on the short side more than often. Oh and one more yummy bit, Quebec also is a big producer of Maple Syrup. Yum.

New Brunswick/Newfoundland/Nova Scotia: People do have a different accent there. I didn’t know how big of a difference that is until I had a co-worker who was from that area. Normally he would talk without accent but whenever he would start gushing passionately about something, his accent would start to creep in. It was different.

Now what do you think which province will you choose to live in ?

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