China finally agrees to provide 10-year Multiple Entry Visa to Canadians

It had been a long time debate among Canadian Business Community who are doing major business with China based Companies. According to Trade Minister Ed Fast

The change will “reduce costs, cut red tape” and make life easier for Canadian companies.

Needless to say this news was greeted very positively among Business Community.
Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi announcing 10-year Visa to Canadians
(Source: Globe and Mail)
Announcement was made by Chinese Foreign Minister on Sunday March 8th, 2015. Canadians will be allowed 10-year multiple entry visas into China for business, family or tourist purposes. Canada already has this in place for Chinese National since 2012. In 2014, it is estimated that trade between Canada and China stand at $78 Billion.

Senator John McCallum demanding for the goverment to approach China to make a move on 10-year multiple entry Visa.

Up until now, Canadian business travelers were mostly placed on a graduating scale, often with a single-entry visa for the first visit, and then multiple-entry visas with really long periods of time on following visits. The visas were a big pain.

Don Davies created a Petition calling on the Government to Create 10 Year Visa for China.

Business Lobby in Canada has been pushing for the government to sign a free-trade agreement. This current move is being viewed as a step toward that move.
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