Canadian Immigration delays leave thousands of couples in limbo.

A documentary on troubles faced by spouses who are not Canadians. How hard it is for them and their personal life.
Listen to the episode that is already uploaded on CBC website.
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Excerpt from the website.

“You have all these people in Canada without health care. This is just an atrocity. And I ask you, sir, I beg of you, to help us.” – Protester asking PM Stephen Harper to to help non-Canadian spouses of Canadian citizens gain immigration status.

Protesters who gathered outside the Citizenship and Immigration Canada building in Ottawa yesterday are upset about the amount of time it takes for the non-Canadian spouses of Canadian citizens to gain immigration status in this country.

Canadians who fall in love with someone of another nationality can face daunting obstacles to starting a life together in Canada. If their spouse is living here already, they face a 25-month waiting period for their application to be processed. That waiting period has grown longer over the past two years, leaving thousands of families in limbo.

And while they wait for status, these spouses are not eligible for health care, can’t leave the country, and most can not work.

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