A very thought provoking article raising many questions. What is government of Canada doing with Temporary Foreign Worker Program and how it is effecting Canadians at large.

Some Excerpt from the article. To read full article, click at the link below.

In 2014, after the media exposure of several cases of Canadian workers affected by the temporary foreign worker program, the Government of Canada announced that the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) was going to be overhauled “to ensure Canadians are first in line for available jobs”. In a context of high underemployment and the expansion of precarious employment (not captured in official statistics), the announcement got a mixed response from supporters and from critics of the program.


Why is the government of Canada still selecting foreign workers based on their country of origin? To reinforce an already segmented labour market? Why are workers from “developing” countries the main source for low-wage, low-skilled jobs in Canada? Why don’t agro workers from “developed” nations apply to the TFWP? Why do workers from “developed” countries come without a LMIA to work in high-wage jobs? Who are really taking “good jobs” from Canadians and transitioning to permanent residence? This is a serious issue that needs to be discussed and rectified since puts into question the principle of “fairness” and the “human capital” selection criteria that allegedly define Canada’s immigration policy. Regrettably, it echoes those times when discrimination towards immigrants of colour or from non-Caucasian countries was open and they were banned from entry into Canada, or when professional licensing bodies put insurmountable hurdles to professionals from “developing” countries to work in their chosen field.

Discrimination was wrong before the 1960s… discrimination is wrong now.

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