Filipino-Canadians are the third-largest Asian Canadian group in Canada after the Indian and Chinese communities.

Until 20th Century, Canada had very small population. Most of that population were women who came on work visa to work as nannies and household help. According to the 2011 National Household Survey, there are 662,600 people of Filipino descent living in Canada.

The Graph above shows breakdown of those numbers among provinces and territories. It also shows the increase from last census in 2001 to the last census in 2011. A total of 2.0 % increase in Filipino population.

According to the Census Canada, majority of population is still Women about 65%.

  • Male – 175,640
  • Female – 235,055

In 2011, the foreign-born population comprised 20.6% of Canada’s population, so one in five people were immigrants.

♦ The number of immigrants from the Philippines almost doubled (95%) from 232,665 in 2001 to 454,335 in 2011, ranking Filipinos among the largest foreign-born groups in Canada.

♦ In 2011, about half of the Filipino immigrants resided in Ontario –mainly in the Greater Toronto Area (173,495).

♦ In 2011, 21% of Filipinos resided in British Columbia, 15% in Alberta and 10% in Manitoba.

♦ In 2011, Filipinos were the largest foreign-born group in Winnipeg, Edmonton and Calgary (Census Metro Areas).

Now a little history from Wiki

The first Filipinos migrated to Canada in 1930. In 1950, 10 Filipinos were recorded in Manitoba. These first generation Filipino-Canadians were mainly women who worked as nurses, teachers and in the health sector. These first Filipinos came from the United States to renew their visas after they had expired in hopes of returning to the United States. Most of these women returned to the United States but some decided to stay in Canada. From 1946 to 1964, the total of Filipinos in Canada was 770…..
Source: Wiki

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