Every year, border agents in Canada are dealing with thousands of deportations. Often, it’s a straight-forward process – but sometimes, it all goes wrong and the end results can mean a staggering cost to the Canadian taxpayer. Many people are left hanging for years sometimes with no end in sight. Some say it is human rights violation in a way.
16×9 brings you two of these stories.

Here is the complete video that aired on Global News TV. It is still available on there website.
Source: Global News website.

In this video they have discussed two of those Case.
CASE 1: Michael an immigrant from Africa held on charge of using false passport and few KG of Drugs for nearly 8.5 yrs and still can’t prove his real identity.
CASE 2: Depan is born and has lived in Canada for 21 years of life. He Enjoyed all the benefits as Canadian but now government has stripped him of his rights. He can’t get medical, can’t vote and government wants to deport him to India. A country that is alien to him. Reason is mind boggling.

He was born when his parents were serving Indian High Commission and according to the law his is a child of diplomat. Now all his family including his other brother are Canadian but he has been stripped of his passport. In strange Twist India says he is not their citizen either. He is now stateless.

There are 325 such inadmissible cases. 66 of those are held for more than a year.

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