Canadian government is cracking up on immigration frauds. They are scrutinizing and investigating marriages by looking at each and every case very thoroughly especially where one Canadian citizen is sponsoring his/her spouse.

An immigration case recently was ruled on recently where a 26-year old Van Kim Pham went in front of court in a continued hearing, four years on from the original failed application for Hong Phuc Nguyen to move to the country.

In spite of all the wittnesses and paper work etc, the reason for denial was simple. Husband was not to remember when he said ‘I Love u’. Read the story below in full detail.

A COUPLE who couldn’t remember when they first said “I love you” have had their marriage declared a fraud to get the husband into Canada from Vietnam.

The 26-year-old wife was appealing an earlier rejection by immigration officers who questioned the validity of the union as a sham for the purpose of obtaining the status and privilege of permanent residency.

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