The immigration interview can be the most nerve-racking part of the application process but here are some Canadian Immigration Interview Tips before you face your big day.

  • Bring all the necessary documents for the interview. Before you arrive for the interview, double check that you have all the paperwork that you were told to bring with you.
  • Plan ahead. Map and visit the location you are supposed to be going for the interview before the big day to ensure you know the ins ad outs. Look for any planned constructions around the area during those days to avoid unplanned delays.
  • Time Management. Make sure you reach for interview well ahead of time. Keep enough time window for any unforeseen emergencies. Arrange for a trusted mode of transportation and time off from work and book a baby sitter if there is any need ahead of time.
  • Dress Up. Make sure you are dressed appropriately and professionally for your interview.  You want to make a good impression!
  • They know English might not be your first Language. Take it easy on yourselves. Good communication is important during your interview. Listen to the questions carefully when they are asked.  Ask the interviewer to repeat the questions if you don’t understand them, and make sure to speak clearly (slowly if need be) and confidently when you answer.
  • Finally, Prepare in advance. While no one can guess what is in the mind of interviewer but it always a good idea to prepare as much as you can. We have prepare more than 200 questions for you to go through. Once you check them out, we are sure you will be confident to face the big day.
  • Good Luck!

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